The House of God

by Paul Field 2016

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I posted this song recently on my FB page. I was thinking about the cruel, abusive, condemnatory treatment some Christians suffer at the hands of fellow Christians, the damage the church can sometimes do and the anger and disappointment I feel at some of the things said and done 'in the name of God'.

'This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple. My religion is kindness'. (Dalai Lama

Youtube link - The house of God


If this is what you call the house of God
maybe I’ve come to the wrong place
I didn’t come expecting judgement here
I came looking for grace
I didn’t come for a performance
or for sanctimonious songs
I just thought I’d find acceptance here
well maybe I was wrong

If this is what you call the house of God
then surely it should be for all
The old the young the lives undone
compassion without walls
For the faithless and the faithful
for the outcast and the lost
for all the disillusioned dreamers
who crawl toward the cross

For the wounded and the broken
who have cried their tears enough
for the reckless and the renegades
who still believe in love

If this is what you call the house of God
maybe it’s time that I checked out
I’ll take my thimbleful of faith with me
and I’ll take my sack of doubts
And I’ll leave you with the bill to pay
for all the guilt you laid on me
tonight I’m going dancing
with the forgiven and the free


released February 1, 2017
Words & Music © Paul Field



all rights reserved